Driving While Drunk Charges Lodged Against Chamber President

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Alcohol remains a legal beverage as long as you are of the right age. No one will ask you a question about having your best beer or any other legal drug. However, it is expected of responsible drivers to refrain from driving when drunk. Despite the rules being set and made known to all drivers, DUI cases remain the most common not only in the USA but around the globe. People continue to despise the consequences until they find themselves caught up in the hook. The short-term effects are known to many. They include community service, fees, license suspension, education programs, higher premiums and jail time. However, there are the bigger problems that don?t just disappear in a year or months. Among them include;

  1. Revocation of your driving license

First timers usually get their licenses suspended. Revocation is more serious. It can mean you don?t have a driving license of several years. That could mean a disaster if your job depends on your vehicle. Those who have to travel often are also to suffer. You will have to find other means of getting to work leading to stress. In some cases, you may also lose your job considering that you may not be able to meet your obligations when required.

  1. Tarnished background checks

Some of us struggle a lot to maintain a clean resume. Your name means something when looking for When employers are looking for employees, they have to conduct background checks. This is necessary to ensure that they are not hiring crooks. Everything else could be fine, but the appearance of a drunk driving conviction may bring everything down. Financial institutions, as well as landlords, also have to conduct such checks. You can see how your life may be jeopardized with a simple act of driving under the influence.

  1. Job risk

Spending time jobless is never the best thing. You struggle to make ends meet. You could be having a nice job; one that is sustaining all your needs and those of the family. However, the DIU conviction may trigger a sting in the tail. Consequences could be jail time or community service. If you get any of these, then you might have to stay away from work to attend to those. Not even your employer will tolerate that. All employers are looking for personal efficiency. They are comfortable to replace you with someone who is more responsible.  

  1. Higher premium rates

Money is never enough. In fact, everyone wants to increase the money basket and not the other way round. With DIU charges, you get the opposite. No insurance cover will be willing to cover you knowing that you are likely to cause an accident. Those that do will demand higher premiums. That?s money you don?t have.

The longtime effects go on and on. Others include negative personal and professional relationships and lesser chances of scholarships.